In parallel to their main master’s degree in cognitive science, our students can also validate a minor at PSL University or ENS, which leads to the award of a certificate (for approximately 30 credits).

Minors most relevant to cognitive science students include: 

However, all ENS minors may be validated by Master students.

The specific requirements to complete a minor depend on the individual case, but in all cases the minor involves a total of 30 ECTS credits, which are earned by (i) taking certain specific courses within the Cognitive Science Master's program, (ii) taking additional courses outside the Master's program, in other departments of the ENS, in other institutions within PSL, or at the INSP for the Public Policy minor, and (iii) sometimes by completing a specific internship related to the minor.

This opportunity is available to all students admitted to our program (but places are limited for some minors). It greatly enhances the value of the Master's degree by allowing students to certify the skills they have acquired during their education beyond cognitive science, thereby increasing their value in the job market. We thus strongly encourage our students to take advantage of this opportunity.