The goal of the second year of the master is for students to discover interdisciplinary topics and to produce first-hand research in cognitive science.

In the first semester, students are exposed to current research topics in cognitive science through interdisciplinary courses.

In the second semester, students complete a five-month research internship in a laboratory of their choice in France or abroad. The internship culminates in the writing of a thesis in the form of a scientific article and an oral presentation of their work.

First semester - interdisciplinary topics

Students must select approximately 6 courses (for a total of 30 credits) from the following list:


External courses that can also be taken in the first semester of the second year

If they wish, students may take only 4 (or 5) courses from the above list and replace them with courses from outside the master's program, selected from the following list: 

Département d'Etudes Cognitives courses outside the master's program

Courses from other ENS departments