The PSL Weeks program allows Masters students to study for two weeks (one week in November and one week in March) at any PSL institution of their choice (e.g., Mines Paris, ESPCI, Chimie Paris, Dauphine, ENS, etc.), allowing them to explore topics outside their main field of study.

Students can choose from more than 130 courses in subjects as diverse as physics, economics, biology, chemistry, computer science, data science, AI, humanities, history, art, etc.

Participation in PSL Weeks is often required to complete a PSL minor.

Each year there's a new list of courses. Here are some examples from the 2024 selection that may be of interest to cognitive science students:

  • NLP for Social Sciences 
  • Neuro- and Bio- robotics senses and perception (Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa)
  • Digital Humanities meet Artificial Intelligence
  • 'Green' Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction à l'écologie et aux sciences de la biodiversité
  • Evolutionary and Cognitive Ethnography - Theory and Methods
  • Data mining and modeling for behavioral sciences and beyond
  • Les organismes face aux changements environnementaux : les forces évolutives en jeux
  • One Health / Eco Health - Impacts de l'activité humaine sur la santé et les écosystèmes
  • Quelques questions de science fondamentale soulevées par l'adaptation au changement climatique (ESPCI Paris)
  • Large-Scale Machine-Learning (Mines Paris)
  • Approches prospectives : préparer le monde de demain (Mines Paris)
  • Space engineering: Design of a cubesat mission to confirm exoplanetary transits (Observatoire de Paris)

Each PSL-week course is worth 2 ECTS credits.